Denholm Testimonial

"IAP received a competitive tender enquiry from Denholm Zholdas in Kazakhstan, a subsidiary company of Denholm’s Oilfield Services Division, for an air compressor capable of delivering 600 cfm @ 10 bar, plus an air purification system, air receiver and ancillary pipe-work. The compressor was required for shot blasting and painting services, general workshop maintenance and metal fabrication in their new workshop facility in Tengiz , Kazakhstan. IAP are pleased to announce that they were successful with their bid and received of an order from Denholm MacNamee, a subsidiary, for an Ingersoll Rand variable speed,rotary screw compressor, model R132N, 132KW, operating at 10 bar, also an Ingersoll Rand heatless desiccant dryer model D1600IL, air filters and a compatible energy management system which will ensure long term energy-efficient operation. The pipe-work distribution system was produced in 80mm and 50mm diameter TESEO aluminium extruded sections, together with all ancillary fittings for assembly on site. Paul Fisher, the Managing Director of Relay Engineering Plymouth,a Denholm Oilfield Service company, remarked: "I am extremely pleased that the Denholm Group has now decided to source all of its compressed air plant and ancillary equipment from Industrial Air Power. In future IAP will provide all of the group companies with their compressed air requirements."

Paul Fisher
Denholm Industrial Services Ltd