Costain Testimonial

I have been working with industrial air power for a short time now but I would like to mention that in that time I have found that they have proved to be a dependable supplier of compressed air equipment and that their quick response time has greatly benefitted our company’s needs. My first dealing with the company was for a project in Paddington, London, we had been let down by another supplier and within a short period of time they had supplied me with two reconditioned 110kw compressors and receivers.
Thankfully IAP’s ability to source and supply large and well maintained used compressors at a short notice allowed us to start the project on time without and costly setbacks; they have also continued to support the project while in the area at times reducing costly service charges. On this project alone I have found that they are very pro-active and are always at the end of a phone to answer and give advice, the equipment that have provided surpassed my expectations and has continued to work well on the project.
As a result of the success of the compressors and the service proved at Paddington it was my pleasure to recommend the company to another one of our contracts and to date they have tendered and are supplying three new 132kw compressors complete with dryers, receivers and installation pipework, for our project in Glasgow.
It is also hoped that this service will also continue onto our projects on Thames Tideway and also Hinckley Point C Nuclear Power Station.

Eric King