Air Compressor Service, Maintenance & Repairs

Industrial Air Power Service and maintenance

With more than 25 years selling, servicing and repairing Ingersoll Rand compressed air equipment, Industrial Air Power provides a comprehensive 24/7 service for all compressed air equipment. In Bridgend, South Wales and Plymouth, Devon, Air Power carries a stock of consumable spares, coolant and major compressor repair parts for general servicing and support. As sole exclusive authorized distributor for Ingersoll Rand compressed air equipment, Air Power can support any Ingersoll Rand product and carry out all warranty repair work.

As exclusive Ingersoll Rand distributors, Air Power fully supports the following range of air compressors:

  • SSR Compressors
  • Nirvana variable speed
  • Nirvana Oil Free
  • Sierra Oil Free Range
  • Unigy
  • ML Range
  • UP Range
  • Type 30 Reciprocating
  • Type 30 High Pressure
  • Desiccant and Refrigerant Dryers
  • Condensate Separation equipment
Atlas Copco repairs

Atlas Copco Compressor Service Maintenance & Repairs

Industrial Air Power undertakes the repair, service and maintenance of the following range of Atlas Copco air compressors:

  • GA Range
  • GA Variable Speed Compressors
  • GX Range
  • ZR and ZT Oil Free Equipment
  • LXF, LE LF, LT Recip Compressors
  • Desiccant and Refrigerant Dryers
  • Drum Dryers
  • Filters
  • Condensate Separation equipment
Hydrovane Service and Maintenance South Wales

Compair Hydrovane Compressor Service Maintenance & Repairs

Industrial Air Power provides service repair and maintenance for the Compair Hydrovane range of sliding vane air compressors throughout South Wales, Gloucester, Avon, Devon & Cornwall

HPC Service and Maintenance South Wales

HPC Compressor Service Maintenance & Repairs

Air Power provides a comprehensive repair and maintenance service for the full range of HPC screw type air compressors throughout South Wales and the South West from their facilities in Bridgend and Plymouth, Devon.

Service and Maintenance Contracts

Preventative Maintenance or Total Responsibility contracts specifically tailored to meet our customer’s specific needs, ensuring your system operates at its peak performance.

Diagnostics and Condition Monitoring

Investment in the latest monitoring equipment enables Air Power to provide a complete system analysis from Air Quality tests, Breathing Air Tests, Coolant Sampling, Vibration analysis and Shock Pulse Monitoring.

Air-end refurbishment

Using a shock pulse monitoring system and coolant sampling, Industrial Air Power can identify potential problems before any occur. Routine air-end inspection can eliminate unscheduled breakdowns, reducing the possibility of incurring expensive repairs.

Electric Motor Repair & Rewind Service

Industrial Air Power Limited offer a complete Electrical Motor Service/ Repair and Rewind Service and Vibration Analysis 24 hours for all makes of Air Compressors. Each Motor is serviced, repaired re-built and tested to OEM specifications with a test certificate. Motors are rewound to original OEM specifications and fully tested with a test certificate and a full guarantee.