Energy Efficient Compressors

Energy Efficienct Compressors South Wales

Inefficient Compressed Air Generation Could Be Increasing Your Overhead Costs

Spiralling Energy Costs now dictate the need to run your Compressed Air Systems to their maximum efficiency.

Nirvana Two Stage Variable Speed Technology combines HPM motors with tried and tested air end package to provide the most efficient variable speed compressor across the entire load range.

Two Stage Technology produces a higher output base load. Lower specific power greatly reduces energy consumption. Download Case Study

Generating compressed air accounts for a high percentage of a production plant's electrical running costs. Unnecessary offloading, poor regulation and over pressurisation are the main causes of high running costs. Industrial Air Power performs free site audits, which instantly identify areas where improvements and energy savings can be achieved.

Energy Efficienct controller Energy Efficienct controller Energy Efficienct controller

High energy costs dictate the need to operate Compressed Air Systems to their maximum efficiency. If you are interested in how much wasted energy is costing your company, its time to take advantage of Industrial Air Power’s Energy Efficiency Audit System. Contact us now for more information

Industrial Air Power provides compressed air users with the following energy saving devices and services:

Intelligent Controllers

A Controller provides management of a multi machine compressor system providing optimal pressure control with reduced energy consumption. Download Brochure

Inverter Drives

Retrofitting an inverter to an existing compressor can help reduce unnecessary offloading resulting in lower capital expenditure. Download Brochure

Leak Management Services

Leak Detection South Wales

Compressed air is energy. Leaking airlines, couplings and hoses are a source of wasted energy. The majority of companies have a leakage rate of more than 20%. Apart from being completely unnecessary, it is expensive and contributes to CO2 emissions. In an Industrial Air Power Leakage Management Programme leakage levels will be reduced to less than 5%.

Industrial Air Power will be pleased to discuss with you a “Leak Management Programme” where our engineers will identify and tag leaks and present you with a detailed written report which will identify:

  • Leakage Rate
  • Leakage Waste Costs
  • CO2 Emissions
  • Percentage of repaired leaks

Savings of 20% or more of electrical running costs have been achieved following an Industrial Air Power’s Leak Survey.

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