Ingersoll Rand Launch Small Rotary Screw Range

Ingersoll Rand Launch Small Rotary Screw Range

Compact, Low Cost, Low Noise, Easy Maintenance and Good Performance. This new product range has been designed to match and satisfy customer needs.

Ingersoll Rand has launched its new 2.2kW, 4.0kW & 5.5kW fixed speed, rotary screw compressor range. Customers indicated what product attributes are really important in this segment: Low Initial Cost, Low Noise, Easy Maintenance, Compact Unit and Good Flow/Performance are their requirements. This new product range is designed to match and satisfy those needs.

The new 2.2kW to 5.5kW rotary screw compressor is the ideal choice for applications such as automotive, paint shops, fabrication shops and general light industry applications.

These types of applications usually utilize the compressor close to the place of work. Therefore, a compact unit that is able to fit virtually anywhere, combined with low noise levels, is crucial. In addition to these features, at the research stage, customers highlighted a necessity for a unit that is easily maintained. In order to fulfil this important requirement, the design product team have designed the interior of the unit to be clutter free to aid the maintenance, coupled with easily removable panels. This allows check/change of the coolant and access to the regular service items such as the air filter element, spin-on oil filter and separator element.

All the product range is rated for a maximum ambient temperature of 46º Celsius, maximum pressure of 10 bar (g) and are receiver mounted on a 200 litre receiver tank. For applications that require no moisture, an optional dryer is available within the same footprint, providing a quiet solution with a complete ready-to-use source for clean dry air.

This new range of compressors relies on Ingersoll Rand’s rotary screw compressor technology, which is proven in large scale compressor operations around the world.

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