Ingersoll Rand Launch New QX Cordless Precision Fastening Tools

Ingersoll Rand Launch New QX Cordless Precision Fastening Tools

Industrial Air Power, the exclusive distributor in South Wales for Ingersoll Rand products for more than thirty years, is pleased to announce the launch of the New QX Cordless Precision Fastening Tools. The QX tools have been specifically designed to provide affordable, torque adjustable, cordless electric fastening tools, which are perfect for any application which requires fasteners to be tightened to a specific torque. The QX Cordless Precision Fastening Tools are especially useful when an assembly has many different fasteners which each require tightening to different torques as the tools are all easily adjustable with user friendly LCD displays.

The ground-breaking QX Series is an innovative step for your entire assembly line, one that exhibits how a smarter tool can enhance process control, operator comfort and data communication in a single package. All while increasing productivity, lowering costs and ensuring a high-quality product at the end of your line, all at a price you can afford today. Tools that put you in total control are the future of assembly.


• Ingersoll Rand’s patented closed-loop transducer control at the heart of the tool delivers precise torque and accurate, traceable results

• A multi-function display module allows for quick setup and feedback on every QX Series tool
• Eight user-programmable configurations per tool for torque, angle and speed make it one tool that does the work of eight, reducing costs and workspace clutter

• Compact, lightweight and ergonomically balanced so the operator can work without restraints
• Cordless and compact, the QX Series is designed for safe and clean operation

• A wireless communication option facilitated by Ingersoll Rand’s dedicated Process Communication Module (PCM) helps integrate the tool and the assembly line into a true plant-wide network
• Manage data, process control and the ability to adjust tool configurations in real time using Ethernet, Fieldbus or I/O
Tools equipped with a wireless communication option can be connected to a Process Communication Module for remote process control, tool programming and end-of-run data archiving.

IC-PCM Process Communication Module used together with the ICS Connect software allows for wireless tool programming and adjustment of all advanced tightening strategies on up to 10 connected tools. It allows for real-time end-of-run data collection and communication to a database or assembly line control system via an Ethernet, Fieldbus or I/O connection. The IC-PCM can also select the right tightening strategy programmed on the tool based on input received from connected equipment such as socket or bit selector, barcode reader or printer.