Compressed Air Leak Detection Survey

Compressed Air Leak Detection Survey
Generating large volumes of compressed air can be expensive and requires a large amount of energy. Leaking air lines, hoses and couplings are simply put, sources of energy waste. Due to incorrectly fitted and out dated pipework the majority of companies have a leakage rate of more than 20%. Apart from being entirely unnecessary leaking pipework is expensive and contributes to your CO2 emissions. With a leakage management programme through a leakage detection survey it is entirely possible to achieve a leakage rate of less than 5%.
Additionally, the Carbon Trust states that a hole of just 3mm in diameter in a compressed air system can create a leak that costs an additional £1,000 per year in wasted electricity costs. 
Industrial Air Power is pleased to announce our investment in the latest Ultraprobe Ultrasonic Leak Detector, which will enable us to complete even more detailed analysis of compressed air leakage and compressor bearing analysis. Our Compressed Air Leak Surveys will locate all air leaks in your compressed air system and provide you with a detailed report which includes actual costs per leak and the overall savings per year compared to the cost of the repair work.  
Industrial Air Power is also able to carry out Energy Audits and advise upon energy conscious methods of providing compressed air, and more importantly offer control solutions for existing equipment.  This could further benefit the savings of a compressed air system for a company. This has enabled Industrial Air Power to meet the demands of our major manufacturers and the requirements of many industries throughout Wales and the South West of England.
Our Compressed Air Leak Surveys are available from as little as £460+VAT