Air leaks cost thousands of pounds in wasted energy

Generating large volumes of compressed air can be expensive. Leaking airlines, worn air hoses, couplings and faulty fittings often result in huge amounts of wasted air and electricity. A typical industrial compressed air system has been shown to have leakage rates in excess of 25% and sometimes as high as 60%.

From the surveys carried out by Industrial Air Power, outdated or poorly designed pipework installations are costing the majority of industrial users of compressed air thousands of pounds each year in unnecessarily high energy bills. Air leaks result in compressors running “on load” for longer periods than necessary, resulting in increased energy consumption and higher service and maintenance bills.

Industrial Air Power’s technical service engineers are able to provide a unique compressed air leak detection and repair service employing Ultrasonic Leak Detectors, which are able to identify air leaks in compressed air systems under the noisiest operating conditions. Following each Leak Detection Survey, a report is produced specyfying the estimated cost per air leak and the overall annual repair and maintenance savings possible following remedial work to the airline system.

Industrial Air Power is also able to perform Energy Audits, which can provide advanced control solutions for existing compressed air plant, further improving the operating efficiency of most compressor systems whilst simultaneously reducing energy costs. Our unique Energy Audit system has enabled many of Industrial Air Power's energy conscious customers to make substantial cost savings.